Project Report - A Study on India’s Merchant Banking System (67 Pages Report)

Suitable for MBA/BBA or any other professional studies of Managements.


Some extract from report-

"The term Merchant Banking has its origin in the trading methods of countries in the lateeighteenth and early nineteenth century when trade-taking place was financed by bill ofexchange drawn by merchanting houses. At that time the merchants were merely financing theirown activities. As international trade grew, and other lesser known names wanted to importgoods from abroad, the established merchants ‘lent their names’ to the newcomers by agreeingto accept bills of exchange on their behalf. The acceptance houses would charge a commissionfor this service and thus there grew up the business of accepting bills of finance trade not merelyof themselves, but of others. Acceptance business thus became and to a degree always has beenhallmark of true Merchant Banks...

India has entered the 21st century as one of the Asia’s most dynamic economies. This is the partof the assessment made by International Financial and Capital Market Institutions based onIndia’s economic and financial reforms initiated in 1991 and brought to fruition in variousbudget..."


Project Report - A Study on India’s Merchant Banking System

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